Many people access counselling for lots of different reasons. Often people find that talking things through with a counsellor can be helpful.  I  believe that we are all unique and that we all have the inner resources and potential to move towards growth. It's this belief that underpins my approach to therapy and life. When we find ourselves experiencing difficulties or struggles, talking to someone outside of our usual support networks may allow us to express and explore ourselves in new and different ways. My commitment to you is to work ethically towards developing a therapeutic relationship based on sensitivity, respect and trust, and work with you through that relationship. I believe that through the therapeutic relationship we can recover our own resources and discover new ones. A confidential relationship that is focussed on you and your experiences, that is respectful and accepting of the whole of you, can often create a safe space for you to find your own insights and your own direction. 
I work in a humanistic, person centred approach, holding you at the centre of our work so that we may work together at your pace. As we are all unique and have different and changing experiences of ourselves, others and the world, my approach is to work with you on the issues that are important to you. You may have an area of your life that you are keen to explore or perhaps you are less sure - and that's ok too.
Sometimes it can feel daunting to share, or even know where to start, or perhaps getting things off your chest is something you relish. The thing to remember is that therapy starts with where you are at, honouring and respecting your feelings, and exploring how you experience yourself and others.
I believe that it is important to find a therapist that feels right for you - someone you feel comfortable to work with. We're all different and finding a potentially 'good match' might feel like a good place to start. With this in mind I offer a free initial appointment.
I am fully insured and work within the B.A.C.P. ethical framework and standards of professional practice and conduct. I receive regular supervision. Further information about the B.A.C.P. and more information about Person Centred Therapy and other therapies available can be found at www.bacp.co.uk.
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